Tips and tricks no. 2 – Rim lighting


This is the second in a weekly series with Untold Africa from my on-line guide Lodges to Landscapes. This time we turn to wildlife. There are so many stunning images of lions, leopards wild dogs and cheetah out there – the challenge for originality is not only to stop the action, but to show animals in their habitat and doing something interesting. So here is a technique to try.

Baboons - copyright David Rogers

Hitching a ride – copyright David Rogers

Rim lighting When light is behind a subject consider rim lighting. You will need to underexpose (shoot AE -1 or in manual) so the highlighted part of the image is correctly exposed. Rim lighting works best when the sun is low on the horizon with a backlit subject. Modern lenses have coatings that really help eliminate lens flare when shooting into the sun. Nevertheless,always try to shade the lens with a lens hood, a tree, or even the canopy of your vehicle.

Settings 360mm | ISO500 | f/4 | 1/1500sec

Coming next Changing the perspective when shooting landscapes

Landscapes to LodgesThis excerpt is from my recently published on-line guide Lodges to Landscapes in which I share photographic tips and tricks from more than 20 years guiding and capturing the wonders of wild Africa.  Read Peter Borchert’s review here

Over the next few months I will share further snippets with you. But if you are impatient to have the book in its entirety right away you can download it here for only US$10.


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