Mjejane – Part 3: A home in the African wilds


It’s a glorious winter’s day under a cornflower blue sky at Mjejane Game Reserve in South Africa’s famed Lowveld where I meet up with Jeff Watts of Lion’s Head Africa, a UK-based real estate marketer specialising in presenting special properties to a British clientele who share his great enthusiasm for the African bush.

Jeff has been at Mjejane for a few days to get a first-hand feel for the freehold investment opportunities. He is clearly impressed by what he has seen and I ask him about his impressions and what he feels will be important to point out to prospective overseas investors.

Getting to Mjejane is so easy

“I just love the place,” he says, “for its beauty and animals of course, but also its accessibility. When you’ve just flown in on a long haul you want to get to your piece of paradise as quickly as possible. Getting to Mjejane is just so easy. Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport at Nelspruit is only a 40 minute flight from Jo’burg and around an hour’s drive from there once you’ve picked up your hire car.”

Elephant herd at Mjejane

Elephant herd  © Mjejane Lifestyle

“Even if you decide to drive all the way from Jo’burg, it’s only about five hours on great highways that pass through beautiful countryside. Also KMI is also served by direct flights from Cape Town and Durban.”

Jaw-dropping views into Kruger

We continue chatting about the rarity of being able to own your very own home fenced into one of the greatest conservation areas in the world. And when that conservation area happens to be the world famous Kruger National Park, the attraction is about as powerful as it gets. In fact, it is hard to believe that such a place exists, but it does and it is exactly where we are standing – in the middle of 4,000 hectares of rolling bush between the N4 highway and the Kruger’s southern boundary along the Crocodile River.

View across the Crocodile River into the Kruger National Park - from your own pool!

View across the Crocodile River into the Kruger National Park – from your own pool! © Jeff Watts

“This is a truly special place,” Jeff continues to enthuse. “Just look at these jaw-dropping views over the Crocodile River into the Kruger National Park and beyond. Those in search of their own very special piece of unspoiled African bush should not prevaricate; these exceptional opportunities will not hang around for long. When they’re gone, they’re gone!”

Buffalo herd drinking from the Crocodile River © Stefanie Botha

Buffalo herd drinking from the Crocodile River © Stefanie Botha

You can read more about Mjejane, its past and its recent transformation in two earlier articles I wrote about: Mjejane – where conservation works for people and wilderness; and Mjejane – a place in time. The purpose of this third feature is to introduce the freehold investment options that Mjejane presents for a limited number of wildlife lovers.

What freehold ownership in Mjejane is all about

In 2012 Rainmaker Marketing became an integral part of the project and I ask MD Stefan Botha what role his company is playing in the development of the reserve. “First of all, our specific purpose was to define the Mjejane Game Reserve brand and then to position the freehold component of the development as the prestigious entity that it is. This we did through creating ‘Mjejane Lifestyle’ which encompasses, and clearly outlines, what freehold ownership on the reserve is all about.”

Mjejane Map

On a tour of Mjejane, which included wonderful sightings of a large buffalo herd, lions, elephants and giraffes, a number of finished private homes were pointed out to me. “Those stands along the Crocodile River are part of the final phase of the riverfront development”, explains Stefan, “while those we saw a little way from the river in denser vegetation are the Bushland stands which offer a more intimate connection with the bush. Only a limited number in both areas are still available.

A huge success

“The project has been such a huge success that we have been prompted to embark on Mjejane’s final phase, Kingsland. The Kingsland stands have just been released and like Riverview they command panoramic views across the Crocodile River into Kruger itself. This is absolutely the final opportunity to enjoy freehold ownership within the reserve.”

Mjejane home blending in with the surrounding bush. Photograph Mjejane Lifestyle

Mjejane home blending in with the surrounding bush. © Mjejane Lifestyle

The homes I have seen, all seem to blend in quite discreetly with their surrounds and it is no wonder that this unique development has attracted captains of industry from around the world. The demand for Mjejane has proved universal, with 20% of buyers in the final phase being international.

A real clincher – your private bridge into the Kruger itself

One of the real deal clinchers is that the reserve now boasts a South African National Parks concession which includes a private bridge over the Crocodile River. This makes for exclusive, direct access into the Kruger Park itself. Mjejane is the only privately owned game reserve in the country to have such a privilege.

Mjejane's private bridge into the Kruger National Park. Photograph by Mjejane Lifestyle

Mjejane’s private bridge into the Kruger National Park. Photograph by Mjejane Lifestyle

I leave the final word to Jeff who has worked with Stefan on many South African projects. “The choice of Riverview or Bushland stands will fulfil the dreams of all wildlife enthusiasts from ‘The Little Five’ to ‘The Big Five. And if like me, you’re mad about bird life and this is certainly paradise. Furthermore, I believe the investment value proposition is extraordinarily good – the Riverview plots, which are available directly from the developer, start from around US $200,000 and Bushland stands from around $76,000.”

For more information contact Mjejane Lifestyle (www.mjejanelifestyle.co.za) on 087 231 1594.





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