About Us

Untold Africa has been created as a meeting place for intelligent, engrossing and entertaining dialogue for a global community of like-minded people – people who share a common passion for the wild places of Africa, the creatures that inhabit them, and the breadth of African culture.

Our free-thinking, thought leadership stance embraces the notions of fair trade and the wise use of Africa’s assets. The scope of our content is broad – wildlife, travel, art, music, writing, technology, and photography. We share light-hearted and celebratory moments as well as insight and opinion regarding the environmental debates of our time.

At the core of Untold Africa is a belief that Africa’s health and prosperity are rooted in respect and care for its wild places and the potential of African people to create thriving conservation-led economies. Everything we do aims to persuade people everywhere to contribute to this view.


Peter Borchert is an independent commentator, publisher, conservationist and lifetime protagonist for the value of Africa’s wild places and cultural heritage. His media and publishing career spans some 45 years. As the founder and publisher of Africa Geographic magazine, he won high regard for his vision, probing editorials and as a commentator on and about Africa. Over the past six years he has also pioneered the scripting and presentation of digital content. Peter is widely travelled in Africa and has long promoted nature-based tourism as a cornerstone of economic prosperity for the continent. His 20-year association with Africa Geographic came to an end in October 2013, but his commitment to Africa, its wildlife and people, remains a powerful driving force in his life, now finding expression in this new venture – Untold Africa.

Sarah Borchert has been in the film and media arena since leaving university 20 years ago. For the greater part of the time she was the editor of Africa Geographic where she conceptualised and produced 100-plus issues of the magazine, including seminal editions dedicated to elephants, rhinos and climate change. She has worked with a wide diversity of freelance writers across the globe, has commissioned and sub-edited hundreds of features, and is a respected writer and blogger in her own right. Sarah continues to work in media and is an editorial consultant to Untold Africa.

Simon Borchert is a socially and environmentally-minded brand and business strategist with an insatiable desire for ocean and outdoor adventure. Simon truly believes anything is possible and as a founding member of Change www.change-thought.com , a leading brand agency in Cape Town, has delivered innovative and profitable solutions to some of South Africa’s leading companies and brands such as Media 24, Distell, Pixel Foundry, Lamicare Health and others. Simon has been intimately involved in the conception and evolution of Untold Africa.

Jeff Watts is a passionate Afrophile and owner of Lion’s Head Africa – www.lionsheadafrica.com – a specialist in Southern African property. Following an award-winning career in the UK music and entertainment industry, Jeff could no longer resist the call of Africa and worked as a director for a number of significant South African property companies, as well as developing Lion’s Head Africa in it’s own right. In addition to looking after the London Office of Untold Africa, Jeff is an active member of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK, the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One, a past member of the Business Council for Africa and a member of the Royal African Society. A major South African wine and food fundi, he is also a keen birder and wildlife fanatic.