Astounding Africa: Sani Pass


One for those of us who have white-knuckled and sweaty-palmed our way up one of Africa’s most spectacular mountain passes. Not sure whether it is better in brilliant sunshine like this when the giddying drops are terrifyingly real, or in driving rain and possibly snow when visibility is down to a few metres and the rest lies in the all too fertile imagination.

The incomparable Sani Pass linking South Africa and Lesotho. Wikimedia Commons

Sani Pass is a high mountain pass that at its highest point is 2,876m above sea level. It connects South Africa’s Kwa Zulu-Natal Province and the tiny, land-locked mountain country of Lesotho. It is notoriously dangerous road with many twists, hairpins, precipitous drops … and beautiful scenery.

To the distress of gravel road enthusiasts, the pass (which was completed in the 1950s) will be getting a hard, all-weather surface. In fact the process has started (from the top down).

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