Video of the week: Notch – King of the Mara – crosses the Talek River


Notch and his sons have to be one of the most famous and powerful lion coalitions of all time. I had the great pleasure of meeting this feline legend and his family while on safari in the Maasai Mara with Daryl and Sharna Balfour .

One morning we caught up with him drinking on the banks of the Talek River. His thirst slaked, he rose and waded nonchalantly across the fast-flowing river. Who says cats avoid water?

Jonathan and Angela Scott  wrote this of Notch and sons: ‘The Lion King has nothing on these lions! There has never been a coalition of males quite like Notch and The Boys. Notch is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lions, one of the most successful pride males that we have ever had the pleasure of watching. He is twelve years old and past his prime but you would hardly know it! With his younger relatives as back-up (there were 5 of them at one point) Notch and The Boys control a vast area of prime lion territory in the northern Mara, terrorizing rival males and mating with as many females as they can. Such is their power that killing hippos and buffalos is their speciality.’

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