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David Rogers, one of Africa’s top photographic safari guides, has just come up with a nifty on-line publication on getting those “Wow!” shots from the often bewildering mosaic of African landscapes, people, animals, people and places.

Tips and tricks …

Landscapes to LopdgesI suspect that Landscapes to Lodges will quickly become a much clicked and swiped reference for all aspirant outdoor photographers, not to mention a few old hands as well.

David’s consummate skills are borne of photographing wild places in Africa for more than 20 years. He has written and photographed for many magazines and he has authored a number of books. His deep understanding of the remote parts of Africa is manifest. And on top of it all he is a patient and passionate teacher who has been running photographic workshops for 10 years.

© David Rogers

© David Rogers

But, as David is quick to point out “my tips and tricks are just the start of your journey. Great photography happens not with the camera, the tripod, the lens or settings, but with you — and your personal blend of heart, hand and the eye.” So true, for as important as good gear can be, nothing is more so than the photographer’s own built in optical and creative equipment.

© David Rogers

© David Rogers

When life gives you lemons …

What I really like about Dave’s approach is that he doesn’t regurgitate the user’s manual or baffle you with technology. Sure, for every image he uses in the book he always gives you the specifics of lens, ISO, aperture and shutter speed, but with this come engaging extra perspectives of no more than 100 words – short, to the point, and often with a dollop of wry humour. One of my favourite pieces is on photographing in twilight: “Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. ‘The giraffes did not arrive’, ‘the sunrise was drab’ or ‘the landscape was just not right’ are never acceptable excuses. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

© David Rogers

© David Rogers

A lesson in low …

The 112 pages of Landscapes to Lodges are arranged into 10 short chapters: Twilight, Landscapes, Birds, Wildlife, People, Macro, Dark, Lodges, Motions and Aerials. Then, within each chapter, there are three or four spreads giving examples of the different situations in which you might land up and how to deal with them. This is the sort of advice David shares with clients, but the feedback he sometimes gets is not quite what he might have expected: “A client who had been on a two-week safari with a photo workshop said that the most important lesson he had learned was to lie down a lot.” The advice that prompted the the comment was that getting a low angle is a powerful way to add drama to an image, especially with animals as it makes them look bigger.

© David Rogers

© David Rogers

Buy it now …

I could quote and show so much more from this great offering. However what I hope I’ve done is to whet your appetite. Go on line right now and buy it. It is a modest US$10 and worth every cent.

Landscapes to LopdgesClick here or the image opposite to buy and download.

When you click the button or image you will link directly to David Rogers’ site Photos&Africa and the page “Learn with us”. Just scroll down and you will see the “Buy Now” button.



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