In conversation with Joseph Okori, IFAW’s conservationist extrordinaire (Part 1)


A couple of days ago I sat down with Dr Joseph Okori – a vet who has spent his life working for Africa’s wildlife. He is probably best known for his efforts on behalf of rhino, but recently his remit has been significantly broadened following his appointment as Regional Director IFAW Southern Africa and Director of the Landscape Conservation programme.

IFAW’s Dr Joseph Okori

This quietly spoken, eloquent man is a great conversationalist so it was inevitable that our chat ranged far and wide across the environmental and social issues facing Africa and the world. To such an extent in fact that I ended up with far more material than could be used in a single podcast.

So in this episode we focus primarily on IFAW’s elephant work around the world which embraces so much more than just the animals themselves and stresses the utmost importance of engaging with and empowering communities to take a major role in regional wildlife matters.

In following podcasts Joseph and I talk in greater depth about trafficking and the political minefield around conservation issues.

Listen to Part 1 here.



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