Astounding Africa: Giants of the veld


One of my all time favourites from David Rogers – giants together at sunset. There are many tales of baobabs purported to be very very old, some of them almost certainly exaggerated. There is no doubt, however, that some still standing have reached ten centuries and more. By comparison elephants roam the plains for a comparatively short time. Satao, the great old tusker so horribly killed in 2014 for his tusks was in his middle to late forties when he was murdered by poachers using poison arrows.

Ellies and baobab in South Luangwa, Zambia ¢ David Rogers


This photograph was featured in David’s online book guide Lodges to Landscapes in which he shares photographic tips and tricks from more than 20 years guiding and capturing the wonders of wild Africa. This particular episode shows how to get outstanding results in the low light levels associated with sunrise and sunset.




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